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Commercial property management

For more than 15 years ClubRentals has mediated between owners and renters, and managed the trusted property in St. Petersburg.

Commercial property per se is more profitable asset than residential one. Yet at the same time it bears more risks to stable revenue stream.

While the location of a property is the most important factor influences rental rates, quality management is able to make property more profitable, providing price rising and cutting costs.

Proper maintenance of rental spaces is one of the important elements to care of, as the market is highly competitive and renters can easily leave for somewhere else. Filling the vacancy anew takes long exposure of the unit, object renovation, and sometimes can lead to rental rate decreasing.

Delinquent payments or rule violation require immediate response. It is always better to have problems solved out of court, as even court judgment in favor of the owner doesn’t secure getting back his/her money from insolvent debtor.

Dealing with the companies that hold a monopoly on the field of utility services, such as Vodocanal, Lenenergo, PetersburgRegionGaz, TeploEnergo has some special aspects. It’s often useful to examine terms of service contract closely and install the meters for resources consumed to minimize your costs.

Regulatory authorities and supervision agencies will insist on strict compliance to all requirements when it comes to commercial spaces, and the risk to have object locked out under the charge of breaching fire safety or sanitary regulations may be considerable. And it’s a space owner who bears responsibility for rules and standards compliance.

Our services include:

  • Professional Real Estate Appraisal
  • Working with commercial property leasing agents
  • Drafting and making a lease agreement, registration with authorities; denouncement; registration the agreement with Rosreestr (Росреестр) if needed
  • Property maintenance
  • Strategic planning for the unit /improvement planning
  • Rent collecting and transferring it to an owner
  • Meeting utility bills; all taxes and dues payment
  • Regular property inspections
  • Day-to-day repairs
  • Getting owner approval for all bill payments
  • Utility suppliers (LenEnero, Vodocanal, etc) relations
  • Authorization of unit alterations (МВК)
  • Regular finance and other statements

Frequently asked questions

How do you determine the rent rate for a property?

Rent rate of particular property depends on neighbourhood it located at, view from the windows, furnishings, numbers of rooms and bathrooms, and property type. With ClubRentals having a wide spectrum of the apartments in its database — from one-room flats at residential neighbourhoods on the city outskirts to large luxury apartments with private terrace providing terrific view - we have an excellent knowledge of the local market and are able to determine optimal rent rate of a particular property to an accuracy of 10%. The visit of our expert and leasing agent to the unit make it possible to say more clear how much you may ask for your rental.

Besides location and property features, it’s also the current economic events that affects rental rates. For example, in 2015 prices dropped by 10-20% from the previous year level, while vacansies exposition term oincreased significantly (from one month to three months for mid-price segment units).

Which taxes should be paid when renting out the property?

Мы стремимся работать с добросовестными арендаторами, поэтому, прежде чем заключить договор, мы проверяем с кем имеем дело – просим предоставить справку о доходах или документы, подтверждающие наличие доходного бизнеса. Мы также понимаем, что у всех бывают непредсказуемые повороты событий, и не каждый знает, как у него сложиться через год. Поэтому своим арендаторам мы даем право расторгнуть договор, предупреждая нас за один месяц. Если это случается, мы делаем все, чтобы найти нового арендатора до конца оплаченного месяца. Если арендатор не нашелся, то мы расторгаем договор с собственником и продолжаем поиски нового арендатора. Когда появляется новый арендатор, мы заключаем новый договор аренды с собственником квартиры. Комиссию за сдачу мы повторно не берем.

What we offer

We negotiate leasing terms with the owner, our responsibilities and fee.

Having come to the agreement, we sign a property management contract. As a rule, ClubRentals lease the unit, check the rent being paid on time, handle the property maintenance issues, including fair alarm and security system installation, small repair and remodeling, getting authorization for reconstruction, registration of devices counting the resources consumed, providing more energetic or heating supply.

We check the utility bills are paid on time and come up with the suggestions how to minimizes utility cost. We know how to save a lot of money on your utility bills; sometimes, easy steps allow cutting the cost by half. Fire alarm system installation secures the commercial space won’t be closed by fire safety authorities. Making the garbage removed on time you avoid penalties from the other enforcement authority.

We negotiate with the renters about rent rising when market forced the owner to level up the price.

Jakovlev Sergey

Jakovlev Sergey

Deputy Director NPO RTK
We have been cooperating with ClubRental for several years. They've responded to technical problems we faced promptly and effectively. With ClubREntals we have had our needs met - from paperwork to extra parking providing.

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