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When the landlords contemplate trusted management for their rentals, they have many questions. We offer the answers to some more frequently asked ones.
Renata Pirozhkova
Renata Pirozhkova
Real estate Manager Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT)
We have housed our employees in apartments of ClubRentals for several years. Our company appreciates cooperation with ClubRentals; we are satisfied with the level of the service, rental property quality, managers’ expertize and their ability to solve the problems quickly and effectively.
Which taxes are to be paid when one rents his/her property out?

While tax on renting the property is 13% of revenue, you are not entitled to claim deduction for energy, utility, Internet connection, or repair costs. Thus, if the return of the property owner gets is 10,000 rubles per month, he/she will need to show 120,000 rubles in his/her tax declaration and pay 13% of the sum as a tax. Even if utility bills are as high as 9,000 rub per month, the tax remains 13% of 120,000 rubles. There is some useful ways to optimize taxes and lawyers we work with can consult your in case you need leagal advice.

How does the statement to owner look like?

Each month you receive a financial statement showing money collected -- mainly, rent and security deposit that paid when the agreement is signed. There may be also recoverable costs on energy, water, Internet connection; insurance payouts, or refund of excessive advance payments.

You will also find in the statement any disbursements that have been made. Items of expenditure are utility bills, Internet connection payment, energy cost if it’s included in rent rate. Here you can see agreed with the owner acquisitions or repair of furniture, equipment repairs or components were bought. Another cost item is ClubRentals fee.

The sum resulted from consolidation of income and costs is transferred to the owner’s account or may be handed over to you in cash.

If agreement terms state so, ClubRental may not to get rent payments, providing only services connected with tenancy. In that case you won’t find income part in your statement, with only itemized expenses to pay being showing to owner.

How do you determine the rent rate for a property?

Rent rate of particular property depends on neighbourhood it located at, view from the windows, furnishings, numbers of rooms and bathrooms, and property type. With ClubRentals having a wide spectrum of the apartments in its database — from one-room flats at residential neighbourhoods on the city outskirts to large luxury apartments with private terrace providing terrific view - we have an excellent knowledge of the local market and are able to determine optimal rent rate of a particular property to an accuracy of 10%. The visit of our expert and leasing agent to the unit make it possible to say more clear how much you may ask for your rental.

Besides location and property features, it’s also the current economic events that affects rental rates. For example, in 2015 prices dropped by 10-20% from the previous year level, while vacansies exposition term oincreased significantly (from one month to three months for mid-price segment units).

Which taxes should be paid when renting out the property?

Мы стремимся работать с добросовестными арендаторами, поэтому, прежде чем заключить договор, мы проверяем с кем имеем дело – просим предоставить справку о доходах или документы, подтверждающие наличие доходного бизнеса. Мы также понимаем, что у всех бывают непредсказуемые повороты событий, и не каждый знает, как у него сложиться через год. Поэтому своим арендаторам мы даем право расторгнуть договор, предупреждая нас за один месяц. Если это случается, мы делаем все, чтобы найти нового арендатора до конца оплаченного месяца. Если арендатор не нашелся, то мы расторгаем договор с собственником и продолжаем поиски нового арендатора. Когда появляется новый арендатор, мы заключаем новый договор аренды с собственником квартиры. Комиссию за сдачу мы повторно не берем.

How rent rates are determined?

Как правило мы включаем коммунальные услуги в стоимость аренды. Это проще для арендатора, и у нас остается контроль за тем, что все оплачивается, и собственник не получает неприятных сюрпризов в виде не оплаченных счетов. Мы оплачиваем все счета коммунальных услуг и вычитаем их с суммы, которую получает собственник.

How can my property safety be secured?

To secure regular rental returns on your property we demand the tenant pay the deposit (one month’s rent) when the tenancy agreement is signed. While the tenancy deposit will make sure your property is intact, for apartments with expensive furnishings it doesn’t enough and can’t guarantee the property safety. Meanwhile, here in Russia we are unable to implement Dutch or German practice, when three or four month’s rent is taken as security deposit -- such terms make it impossible to fill the vacancy in reasonable time period. Yet if the owner seeks to secure his/her property safety we can recommend our clients the trustworthy insurance company. The insurance costs sharing may become a subject of negotiation with prospective tenant.

We take into consideration hard economic situation and see late payment in some extent as acceptable in particular context. In case the tenant fails to pay rent in 10 days, we inform the owner about delay and its excuses. If the owner and property manager find the reasons justifiable, we inform the tenant about agreed term of payment. If we don’t find the excuses reasonable enough and when the security deposit is exhausted, we change the locks and seek to have debt repaid. Meanwhile, we need to add that we have not faced the necessity of changing the locks in reality.